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In Barcelona Atelier of Realist Art we aim at transmitting the artistic spirit of Realism with all that it entails:

We teach our students not only the classic techniques of the old masters but also a way to approach life through patience, respect, sensitivity and constant work as these four play an important role in artistic and personal growth.

We want to make this academy an institution of reference and offer our students a place where they can learn from and share their experience with local artists and other students.

Sharing their knowledge and experience will help the students to increase their sense of social responsibility and enhance their self-concept.

We will encourage our students and help them to become conscious of the fact that it is only with effort and hard work that they can achieve their goals.

We want to create a place where dedication to the pursuit of knowledge is highly valued.

Finally, we would like to think that Barcelona Atelier is going to contribute to the educational system of our country, graduating students with a broad and solid artistic basis of composition, coloristics, drawing and painting techniques.




Following the teaching techniques of the 19th century masters from Italy, France and Spain, Barcelona Atelier of Realist Art offers the opportunity to learn artistic skills now fallen into disuse.

The curriculum based on the observation of nature guarantees excellent results for our students since we teach drawing and painting as a concrete and objective language.

As the student reaches his goals and learns the basic concepts of this language, he will be able to express himself more freely and naturally.

While studying in Barcelona Atelier the student will become in contact with different methodologies of observation such as: sight-size, comparative measures, abstract vision, constructive study, in order to improve his/her precision and efficiency while observing the nature.

The effort, motivation and dedication of the student, variety of exercises, plus the constructive critiques from the teachers are a perfect combination to guarantee the good quality of the student work.