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The human body has been the main field of study for artists for centuries because of its complexity. Figure drawing is an excellent way to study the two main pillars of drawing: light and form. Drawing from live model also offers insights to the dynamism and the strength of the human figure.

The long pose consists of exercises that can last several days where a deep understanding of different observation methods and technical ability come together.

The pencil studies are exercises that are used to train agility and skills using the most basic concepts: proportion, gesture, difference of light and shadow, construction, line quality, etc. These exercises have a duration of two to six hours. Pencil studies are not meant to be finished works, but exercises to study and reflect on certain aspects of drawing.

The long pose is done in charcoal. Students with advanced academic training, can do the exercise in oils.


DURATION: Two weeks – 3 hours per day, 30 hours in total

TIMETABLE: 10.30 am to 1.30 pm

DATES 2018:

From 26th of March to 6th of April, from Monday to Friday, 3 hours per day (main instructor: Xavier Denia)


If you are interested in realizing the intensive figure drawing course out of these dates, please do not hesitate to contact us for personalized dates and timetable.


TOTAL COST: 400 euros


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