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Xavier Denia
Xavier DeniaTeacher

Licensed in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, he has also studied at “Joso” and “La Llotja” in the same city. He dedicated a year to the drawing course at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence before finally attending and graduating from the drawing and painting program of The Florence Academy of Art, where he also studied sculpture. He has also attended numerous workshops with artists such as Jason Seiler and Max Ginsburg.


David Masson
David MassonTeacher of workshops

David Masson was born in Pennsylvania (United States) but spent most of his childhood between France and Spain. He began his artistic training at the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona but quickly went to study in Florence, when he was accepted in 2012 at the Florence Academy of Art, one of the best schools form artists based on their own teachers century techniques XIX. That strengthened his knowledge in drawing, painting, sculpture and academic. Between 2010 and 2013 David worked as an illustrator, concept artist and freelance designer for various companies and individuals.

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Baptiste Hébuterne-Mariotte
Baptiste Hébuterne-MariotteTeacher of workshops

After a short stint at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Nîmes, France, which he left on account of the lack of opportunity given to students to draw and paint from life, he finally found the rigorous and classical training he was seeking in Italy, where he attended the Florence Academy of Art -and graduated from there in 2014.
Concurrently with his activity as a painter, he has also developed over the years an enduring love for philosophy and human sciences and has endeavoured to place his own creative work within a resolutely phenomenological framework, as well at the crossroads between various artistic practices such as painting, drawing, music, literature and cinema.

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Angela Vocale
Angela VocaleAssistant teacher of Drawing

Angela Vocale started her artistic journey in Fine Arts Academy in Italy, FG (2006) where she finished her I and II degree in painting with the thesis: The VOYAGE 2009 and THE SUBLIME 2011. From 2009 Angela has participated in different international expositions and competitions: International Prize VERITAS ET AMOR 2009, Palau Arte 2011, Palysan Isaret Turkey 2011, and Contemporary Art Biennale 2016 Salerno. From 2015, after finishing professional Master of Design in IED Barcelona, Angela has participated in many workshops of illustration and design, for example Sketching on site with Sebastian Harris. Currently she continues her artistic activity and creative journey as a student and teacher in Barcelona Atelier of Realist Art and collaborates as an illustrator for the Spanish branch of BeBookness.

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