Our methodology works on drawing from the basics up to understanding the very essence of it.

We work everything related to human figure, providing our students a deeper understanding of light, shadow, proportions, shapes….



1- People who have no previous drawing experience: If you have never drawn before, this is your opportunity to make a first contact. We propose to you our introductory courses to learn the first steps. We offer flexible timing.

For more information and timetables info@barcelonaatelier.com

2- We also address the students who want to build a professional career in art and the professionals of different areas who search to increase their knowledge.

Fine Arts students.

Illustrators and graphic designers who want to perfectionate their work and achieve more quality in the content.

Tattoo Artist interested in improving their technique and learning some new methods easily applicable on skin.

Animation and comic artists with aim to build their works on solid basis.

Painters and sculptors


We propose a practical program that provides the student with tools to develop his artistic potential.

The studying hours can be adapted depending on the student’s needs and the objectives.

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