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Barcelona Atelier of Realist Art is a realistic drawing and painting academy whose educational mission is to offer highly specialized training in these fields.

“Our goal is to convey the artistic spirit of realism and create an environment where dedication to knowledge is valued.”

We teach our students not only the classical techniques but also a way of seeing life through observation, knowledge, respect, the awakening of sensitivity and constant work, as part of a process of artistic and personal growth.

Our art school acts as a reference for our students, offering them a place to learn and exchange knowledge with artists and with national and international students.

“In Barcelona Atelier we believe that freedom of expression comes through knowledge.”


Barcelona Atelier of Realist Art offers its students the opportunity to learn a methodology that follows the teaching techniques used in the great academies of art in Italy, France and Spain in the 19th century.

The Atelier Method encompasses different observation methods that help improve accuracy and efficiency when observing nature: sight-size, comparative measurements, abstract vision, constructive analysis, etc.

The dedication and interest of the student, along with the level of the exercises and the constructive criticism of the tutors, are the ideal combination to guarantee a better quality in your work.

As the student goes beyond the objectives and acquiring elementary concepts, he/she will be able to use them to express him/herself in an increasingly personal, natural and free way.