In order to provide an educational environment conducive to encouraging the artistic talents of each student, it is required that all students respect the policies the Atelier, its instructors, and the other students in the program.

By enrolling in Barcelona Atelier of Realist Art students agree to subscribe to the following policies.

1. General assistance and inscriptions

  • The students must evaluate their availability and readiness to take the course before they decide on their weekly hours and attendance.
  • In all cases, attendance is considered the responsibility of the student.
  • Once enrolled, the amount paid for the course will not be refundable.
  • Once enrolled, the student cannot reduce the number of weekly hours.
  • Once enrolled, the student cannot postpone the course to the next trimester under any circumstances.
  • The contracted sessions ought to be assisted within the start and end dates of the trimester. Atelier will be flexible when it comes to making up the missed classes during the same trimester.
  • In order to recover a class, the student shall notify the school in advance by email. Only absences that have been correctly notified will be recovered.

2. Payments

  • The tuition fees are paid directly into our bank account.
  • The students must indicate their name in the observations of the payment.
  • The prices are calculated per one trimester and the payments have to be made before the beginning of the term.
  • The amount paid is not refundable.
  • If the student is paying in cash, he/she will receive a receipt, and he/she must keep it until the end of the trimester.
  • If the student is paying by bank transfer, he/she must pay for the commission fees of the bank operation.

3. Studio conduct

  • The students are expected to arrive before the model session starts and install 5 minutes prior to the session.
  • The students are expected to contact the secretary or the instructors if they are late on a specific occasion. Their easel may be assigned to another person. The instructor may assign another easel for that session if available.
  • The students ought to notify the secretary if they can no assist a specific session.
  • For part-time students, the missed sessions ought to be made up during the same term.
  • After each session, the student is responsible to remove his drawing from the easel and store the material in the drawers provided for that occasion.
  • After each pose, the student is responsible for removing the drawing from the table and the tape from the floor.

4. General conduct

  • The students are welcome to use the drawers in the Atelier to store their material. It is important that the drawer will have the student’s name on it. The school is not responsible for any loss of material.
  • The Atelier reserves the right to throw out the material that is not correctly stored within one week.
  • When the trimester ends the students who do not continue with their studies are expected to liberate the drawers. The school reserves the right to throw out the material or work in one week from the last day of the classes.
  • The students must read and respect the basic rules of kitchen safety.
  • Students should follow the guides of the instructors.
  • Students may ask questions to instructors, but in no case should they tell instructors how they should do their work.
  • When a student enters the school, he accepts that he will receive criticism from the instructors. If a student considers that he/she knows more, or thinks he/she can not learn from the instructors, he/she must evaluate it before entering school. The work of the instructors is in the gallery of the school, in this way anyone interested can freely see and value our level before enrolling.
  • We give notice of the regular presence of a dog belonging to the founders of the school as a pet in the facilities. The dog is properly documented and insured. The acceptance of this regulation includes the acceptance by the students of the cordial coexistence with the animal in the school.
  • The school has a specific program, and all advanced students have followed it. The student enrolled in the school agrees to do the exercises of said program. It is important that they strive to do the exercises and that they are predisposed to achieve the objectives that the instructors point out. Once these objectives are completed, each instructor will explain new concepts to achieve. The student will learn gradually and progressively following the instructions of the teachers.
  • When enrolling in a course, it is assumed the responsibility of following the general attendance and registration rules, the payment rules, the standards of the live and portrait model sessions and the rules of school coexistence.