At Barcelona Atelier of Realist Art, we address people interested in realism and everything that their philosophy entails.


1. You are a student with little experience, willing to absorb everything we teach about the basic and advanced principles of drawing. Time is very important, and these tools will allow you to move more consistently and quickly. You should know that changes do not happen overnight, but if you are willing to work every day, you can take a step forward. In fact, anyone who has an interest and is willing to put in the effort can grow in our art academy.

2. You are an experienced artist, who has studied fine arts, illustration, design, painting or sculpture. Have you found yourself not knowing how to improve some of your work? Do you feel that perhaps you have reached a point where you have stagnated? We know this feeling, and we have the tools that will help answer your questions.

3. You are a tattoo artist who wants to improve in realism. If you already have a very good result, but you know that you are missing something that you do not quite understand, you will know more in depth some principles about how we see and translate the images, and how to organize the information, whether at the level of values, contour control, structure specificity… so you can take your work to another level.


1. You are an artist who seeks to reaffirm what you already know. We don’t want to force anyone to listen to us, people who sign up for our art school have an interest in what we do. We want to generate a change in people who are willing to listen, so they can achieve different results.

2. You are an artist without an interest in realism. Our school is dedicated to realistic art, if what you see on our walls does not interest to you or you believe you already know how to do it, this is probably not the right place for you. Currently, there are other schools where you can make art with much freer and less strict guidelines.

Our art academy offers a customized, practical program that facilitates the main tools for students to develop their artistic potential.


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